Hamilton, Ontario


09.04.14 - Building Canada (CoW).pdf
13-139 ACCESS DECISION-Red Hill litigation costs.pdf
1994 land sale.pdf
2005 to 2012 Fed Gas Tax Summary.pdf
2006 Bratina Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Clark Fin. Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Collins Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 DiIanni Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 DiMillo Fin.Stmt..pdf
2006 Duvall Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Eisenberger Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Ferguson Fin. Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Gibson Fin.Stmt..pdf
2006 Greco Fin.Stmt..pdf
2006 Jackson Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 McCarthy Fin.Stmt..pdf
2006 McHattie Fin.Stmt..pdf
2006 McHattie Fin.Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Merulla Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Mitchell Fin. Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Morelli Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Partridge Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Pasuta Fin. Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Pearson Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Powers Fin. Stmt.x.pdf
2006 Whitehead Fin. Stmt..pdf
2006 Xian Yi Yan Fin. Stmt..pdf
2008 comparison DC rates - industrial.pdf
2008 comparison DC rates - residential.pdf
2009 Hamilton DC Study (Roads).pdf
2010 budget process - Ancaster News Oct 9-09.pdf
2010 Cycling Capital Budget.pdf
2010 Emails Bhavsar-DeSolla-Nyland.pdf
2011 budget for Centennial bridge.pdf
2011 decision on preliminary motions.pdf
2012 costs decision.pdf
2014 assessment growth.pdf
2015 area rating levies.pdf
2015 climate change budget proposals.pdf
2015 roads capital budget summary.pdf
2015 staff report.pdf
2017 12 01 GIC Capital budget.doc
2017 presentation - Jan 27.PDF
2017 proposed water-sewer budget.PDF
350 Letter to Chris Murray & Guy Paparella.doc
4-up flyer for World Water Day.pdf
5.1 PED15208(a) - LS15036(a) - Appendix B.pdf
5.1 PED15208(a)-LS15036(a).pdf
50 rides per capita by 2024.pdf
A&T Agenda Jan 23 2012.pdf
A&T agenda March 5 2013.pdf
A&T Report July 7 2009.pdf
A-67-17 Notice of App.pdf
Abdul Khan email of December 9 2009 to council and media.doc
ADDENDUM for Chad Collins Application.docx
ADDENDUM for Tom Jackson.docx
ADDENDUM for Tom Jackson.docx
ADDENDUM for Lloyd Ferguson Application.docx
ADDENDUM Terry Whitehead Application.docx
AEGD boundary expansion map.pdf
AEGD Settlement map.pdf
Aerotropolis - 2012_Capital_Budget__Book_2.pdf
Aerotropolis CLC Dec9-08.pdf
Ag Land from Vision2020 report 2012.pdf
Ag Land from Vision2020 report 2008.pdf
Ag Land from Vision2020 report 2008.pdf
Ag&Rural on Greenbelt additions.pdf
Agnes Richard presentation Nov 4-15.docx
Agreed Statement of Fact.pdf
Agreement - Determination of Phase I Issue.doc
Air cargo 2007-2013.pdf
Aircraft movements table excerpted from Airport Master Plan 2004.doc
Airport Acquistions by City 2005-2011.pdf
Airport area properties map.pdf
Airport land purchases.pdf
Airport presentation May 2013.pdf
Airport report May 2013.pdf
Airport Semi-Annual Report June 2012.pdf
All Ward Spending.pdf
Antony P Lorius Witness Statement Phase 2 AEGD 09Nov2012.pdf
Antony P. Lorius Reply Phase 2 AEGD 14Dec2012.pdf
Antony P. Lorius Reply Phase 2 AEGD 14Dec2012.pdf
Appeals filed on aerotropolis.pdf
APPENDIX for Overall Combined Applications.doc
Appendix c and d to Item 14 of Apr 17 GIC.pdf
Applicant statement.doc
April 23 DC Stakeholder Committee - Final.pdf
Backflow subsidy audit Dec 2015.pdf
Backflow subsidy update Mar 2016.PDF
Barrie Examiner - Alleged dope factory ringleaders nabbed.pdf
Barrie Examiner - Frozen property for sale.pdf
Bike lane vetos - FOI material.pdf
Binbrook Reservoir 2009-2010 Guide.pdf
BlackOutSpeakOut in Hamilton.doc
BLAST network.pdf
Board Memo - Lands Adjacent to Eramosa Karst EA - Env Study Report.doc
Brabant vs Hamilton.pdf
CADONE appeal details.doc
Capital budget for official plan appeals.pdf
Capital funding history.pdf
Capital levy history.pdf
Capital spending 2015-2024.pdf
Carbon Cycle Poster - colour-revised.pdf
CAWDB 2013 rally.pdf
CCAP economic impact report.pdf
CEAA 2012 first year results.pdf
CEAA response on lawsuit.pdf
Centennial Rail bridge budget.pdf
CES14040(a) - Affordable Transit Pass Program to Permanent Funding-note.pdf
Chad Collins Application.docx
Chamber position on Mady development.doc
Changes and cost to route 44 and 43.pdf
Changes to municipal elections - staff report.pdf
Chippewas appeal.pdf
City evaluation of provincial plans review.PDF
City response to 350 letter.doc
City response to Greenbelt and Growth Plan review.pdf
City staff position on Line 10.pdf
CL11004 - Ward Boundaries _GRSC_.pdf
Climate Change Action - December 4.pdf
Climate Change Action Month - city media release.pdf
Climate Change Nov 2010.pdf
Climate Change Public Forum Poster.pdf
Climate change report 2017.PDF
Community affirmation.jpg
Community Beach Turtle Ponds Association letter.doc
Community climate change action plan.pdf
Complaint letter to Hamilton Police Service Board - final.doc
Concerned Santa Delivers Long Awaited Gifts to ArcelorMittal-Dofasco.pdf
Confederation Park sports fields.PDF
Consulations Ad.jpg
Consulations Ad.jpg
Convenience store - public submissions.pdf
Cost of exemptions and discounts 2005-08.pdf
Councillorsl position on People\'s Platform.pdf
Covenants from purchase of Federal Building.pdf
CUPE 5167 on airport layoffs.pdf
David Duke Letter on Losani appeal.pdf
DC deferrals and building permits.pdf
DC deferrals and building permits.pdf
DC downtown exemption costs.pdf
DC Exemption costs 2009-2013.pdf
DC exemptions - 2015 capital budget page 208.pdf
DC Exemptions and current rates from 2014DCReport.pdf
DC rates from MunicipalTaxCompetitivenessStudy2007.pdf
DC reserves Dec2013 from 2014DCReport.pdf
DC reserves status April 2014.pdf
DC section from 2012RateBook.pdf
DC settlement June 2013.pdf
DC Stakeholders Dec 11-08.ppt
Debt section from 2012RateBook.pdf
Debt slides - Dec1-11.pdf
Decision on Elfrida appeal.pdf
Dicenzo and other developers on Elfrida appeal.pdf
Dickerson v. Compliance Audit Committee of The City of Pickering.pdf
Do the Math poster.pdf
Do the math showing May 9 poster.pdf
Doug Conley Application.docx
Draft FCS14033 - 2014 DC Study and By-laws Apr 22 2014.pdf
Draft Secondary Plan for the AEGD.pdf
Drawing by Dave Braden.pdf
Dvorak letter re purchase.pdf
ECAC Agenda July 8.pdf
EH-HPD - Davidson - Witness Statement-revised 2012 11 26.pdf
EH-HPD - Gilbert - Witness Statement - 12-11-12.pdf
Eisenberger\'s motion on election donations reform.pdf
Elfrida - 2012_Capital_Budget__Book_2-2.pdf
Elfrida draft options.doc
Eligibility for DCs from 2014DCReport.pdf
Employment areas inventory 2016.PDF
Enbridge Export Plan map.pdf
Enbridge to GIC Nov 4-15.PDF
Environment Hamilton Breifing Update May.3.2011.pdf
Environment Hamilton Comments Submission to City of Hamilton GB Boundaries Review.pdf
Environmental Petition Press Release-p.doc
Environmental Petition-p.doc
EOY Program 2016-final.pdf
Excerpt from report provided to city councillors on October 19 2016.doc
Excerpted pages from Airport Master Plan 2004.pdf
Excerpts from Jan 27-17 transit budget request.doc
Expressway budget 2007.pdf
Expressway could be a washout - and response.pdf
Expressway debt 2015.JPG
Expressway is leaner, meaner.pdf
Expressway would send the wrong message about our future Red Hill.pdf
Extra funding for capital projects inc Red Hill.pdf
Fare hikes 2015-2018.pdf
Fare hikes 2015-2018.pdf
FCS0XXXX 2009 DC By-laws.doc
FCS16019 - 2015 Assessment Growth.pdf
February 9th GIC Budget Minutes.pdf
Federal litigation costs.pdf
Ferguson motion on ARYZTA sewer.pdf
Fin Impact 2009 DC.doc
Financial impact of Development Charge options
Final Report_YHM Economic Impact Study_2014.pdf
Final transit budget report for 2017.pdf
Flood Aware letter 2009.pdf
FOI response to free transit query.jpg
Food Charter Consultation Schedule.pdf
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Lab tests show PFOS contamination from airport.pdf
For Immediate Release.doc
FOTEK release June 23 2009.doc
Fractured Land in Hamilton.pdf
Garth St Widening capital budget.pdf
Grant for condo tower at Jackson and James.pdf
Graph to determine storm frequency.pdf
Green- press release- HERO Motion.pdf
Greenbelt removals map.pdf
Greenbelt removals report.pdf
Greenfield vs built boundary.doc
GRIDS 2 process.pdf
GRIDS budget from 2016 capital budget.doc
GRIDS2-MCR timeline chart.PDF
Groundwater vulnerability in Upper Welland River watershed.pdf
Growth Plan population projections.pdf
Growth summary 2006-2016 - presentation.PDF
Guy McPherson Media Release.docx
Hamilton 350 Comments on Line 9 draft Issues List.doc
Hamilton AEGD Refined Preferred Option - Aug 18-2009 Memo.pdf
Hamilton Climate Conversation Agenda (July 22, 2014).pdf
Hamilton Line 9 media release.doc
Hamilton Social Landscape Wed May 25 AM.pdf
Hamilton Urban OP-Provincial comments.pdf
Hamilton2Paris invitation.doc
hamilton2paris poster.pdf
HCA on turtle pond land acquisition.pdf
HCI 2012 Tax Assessment Review.pdf
Heat Warning for July 18, 2011.pdf
Hemson on Mtn Business Park 2003.pdf
HHHBA City liaison April 2011 minutes.pdf
HHHBA City liaison Dec 2013 minutes.pdf
HHHBA City liaison Jan 2014 minutes.pdf
HHHBA City liaison Mar 2014 minutes.pdf
HHHBA to Council on Development Charges.pdf
HNC on Tiffany Creek ESA shrinkage.pdf
Housing and 2014 budget.pdf
HPD Letter - Dec 15-08.pdf
HPD Letter - Dec 8-08.pdf
HPD notice of appeal media release.doc
HSR 1991 Annual Report - table.pdf
HSR 2016 budget slides.doc
HSR performance and funding.pdf
I AM movie and 350 walk.pdf
implications of boundary changes.pdf
Increasing bus driver complement.pdf
Influents article 2007.pdf
Influents article 2007.pdf
Information on 2009 DC bylaw appeals.pdf
Infrastructure deficit.pdf
Integrity commissioner 2011 report,pdf.pdf
Jobs comparison_YHM Economic Impact Study_2014-2.pdf
Joe Minor email on aerotropolis secondary plan.pdf
July 10 2006 Storm.pdf
July 23 OIPRD letter.pdf
July 27 2006 storm - Waterdown.pdf
July22-12 rainstorm.jpg
Koroscil June 17 memo to mayor and council.doc
Koroscil letter to Wynne on Mid-Pen.pdf
Lane closure city media release.doc
Lehman Witness Statement Feb 6 2015.pdf
Letter investigation report from Hamilton Police.pdf
Letter on warranty program.jpg
Letter to City Council from Dr Minor of May 11 2011.doc
Letter to council Feb 9-09.pdf
Letter to Dunlop.pdf
line 10 1.jpg
Line 10 rabbit trapping.jpg
Line 10 Replacement.pdf
Line 11 Replacement.pdf
Lister presentation June 23 2008.pdf
Living wage costs.pdf
Lloyd Ferguson Application.docx
Lobbyist Registry staff report June6-13.pdf
Losani Homes DC appeal 2009.pdf
Map of Aerotropolis Study Area.pdf
Maple Leaf LEED increase.pdf
maps of recommended vista sites.pdf
March 5 DC Stakeholder Committee - Final.pdf
Maria Pearson application.docx
Masi letter re purchase.pdf
May 10 poster-email.pdf
May 12 climate forum - Brian Kelly slides.pdf
Mayor_Luncheon_25NOV2010_LR 1 .pdf
media release - city action praised.doc
Media release - Inadequate Review of Tar Sands Pipeline Proposal.doc
Media Release - Line 9 bad news for jobs.pdf
Meeting list from 2014DCReport.pdf
Ministry Trans Infra Comm July 12.12 RE Airport PFOS.pdf
Minor - Email to council - Nov 29 2011.doc
Minor environmental petition re PFOS at airport.pdf
Minor-May 26 letter to council re toxic farming.pdf
Misreporting in Spectator today.pdf
Misusing environmental funds - backgrounder.pdf
Misusing environmental funds - media release.doc
Mitchell-ctte-of-adjust-approval -Nov2011.pdf
MMAH (Feb.20.2007) Rural Hamilton OP.pdf
MOE report on PFOS investigation - June 2011.pdf
MOE response to Liberty bumpup-Feb08.pdf
Momentum magazine-excerpts.pdf
Most popular boundary configuration in the interim report.doc
Motion-Hamilton H.E.R.O retrofit program-final-2016-green.pdf
Mountain Brow vista staff report - Dec2016.pdf
Mt Hope pipeline location.pdf
Multi-Area Developments on Elfrida appeal.pdf
Multi-residential tax comparison.doc
Multi-residential tax rates in Ontario.pdf
MultiRes Letter Memo to Council-1.doc
Municipal Comprehensive Review budget from 2017 capital budget book 2.doc
Natural Reeources Canada map of extreme weather losses.pdf
NEB Decision on Line 9 - media release.doc
NEB response to Line 9 issues list comments.pdf
NEB rules for intervenors and commentors.pdf
NEC Letter of Feb 9, 2017.pdf
Niagara Region on Fifty Road Wal-Mart.pdf
Niagara to GTA Corridor Update
NOAA Feb 2016 global temperature departures.jpg
Notice of Action against feds.pdf
Notice of Action against feds.pdf
Nov 19 Notice of Protest.doc
NPCA letter Feb 5-2010.pdf
NPCA letter Sept 29-2010.pdf
NPCA report on PFOS contamination - March 23-11 Board Agenda.pdf
Oct 13 aerotropolis protest.pdf
Oct 21 Divestment Forum.pdf
OMB decision on Dundas self-storage facility.pdf
OMB order re Mitchell 2007 application.pdf
Ontario on Centennial WalMart Plans.pdf
Operational notes July 26 2009.pdf
OPPI statement.pdf
Option 4C for ward boundaries.doc
ORC letter on Karst treatment in Official Plan.pdf
ORC Letter to Council - Winona &QEW.pdf
ORDER MO-1658.doc
FOI decision on release of Red Hill documents
Pages from AppT_HamiltonAEGD_FinancialEconomicAnalysisandMarketingStrategy_FinalDraft.pdf
Pages from March 31 DC Stakeholder Committee proposed fees.pdf
Pages from Outdoor_Recreation_plan.pdf
PanAm budget.pdf
Pearson motion on deferral of Winona Wal-Mart.jpg
People\'s Platform top ten.pdf
Petition of two towers opponents.pdf
Pipe warranty insurance.pdf
Planned 2011 HSR Improvements.pdf
Poster 2012 AGM - Council of Canadians.pdf
Powers motion.pdf
Presentation by Dave Braden.pdf
Press Release - Federal Grants Ancaster Facilities.doc
press release_Centennial_settlement.doc
Priority construction projects staff report.PDF
property map.jpg
Proposed HSR changes.pdf
Proposed settlement - January 2015.pdf
Provincial Officers Order July 2009.pdf
Provincial response to Employment Land Budget.pdf
Tolling Red Hill
Rally October 17th urging Council to Oppose the Line 9 Reversal.pdf
Reassessment Impacts.pdf
Recent industrial developments - city AEGD slide.pdf
Red Hill lecture.pdf
Red Hill shortcuts disastrous.pdf
Red Hill Valley Archives - Counting Traffic.doc
Red Hill Valley Archives - The $4.5 million fear.doc
Red Hill worker caught by rising creek.pdf
rejected stormwater budget 2014.pdf
Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki.jpg
Rent reductions from tax decreases.pdf
Request for full EA of Waterdown east-west corridor.pdf
Request for help to contact Councillors.doc
Response letter to HPS report-letter.doc
Revenue from development activity - Jan-Mar 2009.pdf
RE_ Meetings with Chamber of Commerce.pdf
Road growth projects vs other.pdf
Roads budget for growth projects.pdf
Rob Rossini witness statement in Losani DC appeal at OMB.pdf
Robert Pasuta Application.docx
Rymal - Garth to West 5th budget.pdf
Rymal - Upper Paradise to Garth budget.pdf
Sam Merulla Application.docx
Schedule D map of future residential areas.pdf
Science and Politics of Climate Change Jan 17 2012.pdf
Scremin letter on PFOS.pdf
Scremin reply statement.pdf
SCUBE OMB decision Apr 30, 2007.pdf
Selected excerpts from independent review.doc
Sept 8-08 Item 7.2 Presentation.pdf
September 26 Line 9 meeting.pdf
sewer cross connection powerpoint.PDF
sewer cross connection powerpoint.PDF
Sewer cross connections efforts.pdf
Size of urban boundary email from Guy Paparella.pdf
Slides from 2017 and 2015 HSR budget presentations.doc
Slides from City Greenbelt proposals.doc
Slides from the January 27 2017 Transit budget presentation http.doc
Snow By-Law Brochure.pdf
SoBi rider statistics.pdf
SoBi rides per day March-May.pdf
Social Housing - state of infrastructure.pdf
Soil physiography of Upper Welland River Watershed.pdf
Solutions for Housing Action Committee release.doc
Sparking Sustained Communit...pdf
Spectator - 2003 interview with Bob Robertson.doc
Spirit of Red Hill 2010 lecture.pdf
Spirit of Red Hill 2011 Lecture.pdf
SPRC - Bike infrastructure.pdf
SPRC depuation City budget Feb 9 2015 final.pdf
SPRC deputation to Council re transit budget.pptx
SPRC Housing Report June 2010.pdf
SPRC Housing Report Media Release.pdf
Staff Report MMAH Dec 2009.pdf
State of Good Repair.pdf
Statement from No Line 9 groups - Feb 7-15.pdf
Statement of Claim against feds and Gowlings letter.pdf
Storm event July 19 2008.pdf
Storm event of August 19 2005.pdf
stormwater budget 2017.PDF
Stormwater facilities budget request.pdf
Stormwater funding review.pdf
Stormwater spending 2005-2009.pdf
Stormwater spending 2010-2014.pdf
SW - Aug 5 2011_HIA PFOS Limited Subsurface Investigation.pdf
Sweetman presentation to April 18 Public Works Committee meeting.doc
System deficiences to be addressed.pdf
Tax exemption for airport-oct2012.pdf
Tax policies and area rating.pdf
Ten Year cost and results.pdf
TER Patel Witness Statement November 9_2012 - Signed.pdf
Terry Whitehead Application.docx
The above is a copy of page 1 of the NEB Decision on Line 10 issued on January 26.doc
The Council of Canadians and the Hamilton 350 Committee jointly present.doc
THEM Poster.pdf
TLC release on mapping of cycling plan.pdf
Tom Jackson Application.docx
Total debt from 2015_capital_budget_book_1-2.pdf
Transit capital plan 2018-21 - presentation.PDF
Transit services from 2014DCReport.pdf
Transit spending plan from Rapid Ready.pdf
Transport Futures Intercity Travel selected slides.doc
Trish Mills presentation to GIC Nov 4-15.rtf
True Copy of Regulation dtd June 4 2010.pdf
Turtle Ponds Association email to council.pdf
Twenty Road Landowner Group properties.pdf
Twenty Road Landowners Group West concept plan.pdf
Twenty Road Landowners Group West package December 10 2013.pdf
United Refining Company And Enbridge Enter Into Pipeline Maintenance Agreement.doc
Up Stoney Creek removals by Conley.pdf
Update to BoH Oct 2016.pdf
Update to BoH Oct 2016.pdf
Upper Stoney Creek removals.pdf
Upper Welland RIver Watershed.pdf
Wage impact on budget.pdf
Ward boundary final recommendations.doc
Ward boundary options - maps.doc
Warranty program letter page 2.jpg
Waterdown bypass budget.pdf
Westover meeting.pdf
WMAC Minutes January 22 2015.pdf
Written submission by Joe Minor to City Council on Development Charges.doc
Zoe Green - OBM Hearing submission.doc

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